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If your sweetest dream is to marry a lovely and beautiful Russian or Ukrainian woman, all right our agency is the right place for you to start with! Lets go! Register to the site, put several good photos of you, if photos is the best put it to our top for rating. Than you will be able communicate with Russian or Ukrainian brides. You just pay for subscription: Silver or Gold and it will allow you to have unlimited communication with all Russian women on the site.

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The thing that makes our site different from other Internet marriage agencies dealing with Russian brides is that we provide real dating services. We do not sell emails or any information about our clients. Here you can use one of the safest ways of dating a Russian or Ukrainian women in the Internet. The site has many useful features to help you find your Russian or Ukrainian woman, and it has multi-level anti-scam program.

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Unlike other sites where you can see only when a girl regisrered (or even do not have even such information) (and I can assure you that it does not tell much! A girl can register today but do not come again to the site for a month or more or do not come again at all, she had been just curious) we put the information when she was the last time on the site. You can write to girls who come regurarly to the site, who are serious and understand that building the relationship need time and devotion. Or you can try to write to a girl whowas some time ago on the site. Nobody could have written to her and she did not come to see her empty mailbox.

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You wish to find sincere, beautiful, kind and grateful Russian women, lady who are interested in you and who really wishes to build attitudes with you? If it - that you look for use this service, and you will have the list of the Russian women which answer your criteria who is interested in you and ready to communicate with you. There is an opportunity on this site to choose girls not only their beautiful occurrence, but also according to professionally established psychological recommendations. We offer you the test of compatibility. About a structure of each girl in gallery you will see the moment compatilbity result. They - 5 hearts, color from red up to grey depending on your mutual compatibility.

Why do Ukrainian and Russian girls look like models?

Why are the men worldwide so fond of Russian ladies? The reason is that women in Russia really want to be attractive and do their best to achieve this goal. Despite the lack of time and small income Russian women keep their appearance, figure and health thoroughly. There are both slim and plump ladies in Russia, but there are hardly any seriously uncared ones. Nowadays uncared Russian women, who pay no attention to their health and female attractiveness, miss their chances not only in the issues of marriage but also fail to find any well-paid and respectable job. From childhood up Russian ladies learn to respect men and to attract their attention. They read fashionable women's magazines, study psychology of men and spend their last money for stylish foreign dress and make-up, which are extremely expensive in Russia. Russian ladies do not spare money and time to keep fit and healthy. That is the reason why fitness clubs and various medical treatments that promise you sexual appearance are one of the most popular and beneficial business in nowadays Russia.
Recently we can observe a strange and unnatural tendency emerging in the West. Proclaiming gender equality and emancipation, women are getting to contradict their initial female nature. Moreover, many of them regard recognizing woman as a sexual object as something offensive. Herefrom comes the indifference to personal appearance and shape, which finally results badly in woman's health in general. Fortunately, this situation does not take place in Russia. Russian girls and women do not regard their sexual attractiveness as something humiliating or jeopardizing their rights. At the same time, that does not mean that they are willing to go to bed with any man. The idea of sexuality involves much more than sex with anybody. Sexuality implies pleasure everyday, inspiration and healthy life-style. Therefore Russian ladies are not afraid of being good-looking since beauty and sexual attractiveness are something really natural.

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Maternal Drive

Now it is typical enough for the West and especially for the United States when after divorce the woman leaves its children on care of its former husband. It can absolutely forget about their existence as they should limit its promotion of affairs of a business and private life. There are also many marriages in Russia which come to an end in divorce, but children mainly remain with their mother. What reason for such distinction? During the long period the Soviet ideology demanded reverence of the image of the Native land of Mother in Russia. Certainly, there was very mentioned pathos in this cult, but the idea concerning motherhood was always really essential to Russian. In spite of the fact that the Russian women were in the habit to work almost so difficultly as their husbands, children and all house procedures were completely on their hands. For this reason children from their birth were much closer to their mother and after divorce, it was less harmful to them to leave their father than with it. And mothers in Russia also always really contacted their children. The set of the Russian men which leave their children with their mothers after divorce sometimes, comes to see them and sometimes even to pay some nominal alimony, to worry about them. However, very much few of them wish to live with their children after divorce, and for Russia it considers normal. Parties and bear the Russian women many and lift their children in full loneliness. It almost never happens so that mother has left its child. Such woman would be ignored by a society. Nobody would agree to not deal with it, neither men, nor women, businessmen. The western person who appoints appointment to the Russian woman sometimes, not in a condition to understand, why it refuses to leave its child in Russia in care of the father. But should admit, that the congenital parent engine and the Russian mentality never would allow the woman to leave its child.

Feedbacks of our clients

Greetings, I would like to comment on the approach of your company to your clients in attitudes to approbation of their individualism, compatibility, lacks and strong items. I give the approach (psychological structures) high estimations. When I have collided with yours approch to help someone to find the compatible partner on your website, I was rather skeptical about it. But, after reading various psychological structures and research of wider parameters of your descriptions me it is direct, I have been completely amazed, how close you amazed home about me. I would like to add also, that the woman on your site is more realistic than other sites. Greetings to you also support good work at a high level. Grag.


Men are registered to a site, but they do not wish to place any photo there, or they place a photo where it is impossible to see them, or they place awful photos. Some men amuse themselves illusion, that pictures do not mean anything for women. Men choose pictures, but women prefer, that they have written clever words, have written about their trades, their hobby. Yes, it is good, when you write much about you, but for women is much certain by your pictures. They do not want, that men were similar to models (actually, models of men will most possibly frighten off them, but they wish to see your smile to see your eyes, to feel calmness and reliability which arrives from you, for the some people, it is important to see you in your house. And only then they will read about your hobbies, about your interests and that you love. They - often easy victims of informers - informers do not pay attention to pictures and ready to answer or write to them is direct, not asking new pictures.